"Amy is so approachable. She has this loving quality that makes you feel immediately at ease and free to express yourself in a way that doesn't feel judgmental."  - Data Analyst, Google


"I was introduced to Amy by a friend while she was studying to be a coach. From the beginning, she showed a real aptitude for helping people reach their full potential, which is exactly what she did for me. I was struggling with a career transition and some dissatisfaction in my personal life and Amy helped me think through my priorities in a strategic and nurturing way. Through two 45-minute phone calls a month, she pushed me to ask tough questions while also helping me recognize my strengths and accomplishments. Amy provided focused exercises that helped me see things differently, which ultimately led to greater satisfaction in all aspects of my life. I recommend Amy to anyone who is looking to improve any aspect of their life." — Stephanie, Washington, D.C.

"Coaching isn't therapy.  It forces you to see the truth of yourself.  A coach isn't someone who simply nods in acknowledgment of hearing you but instead plays a proactive role in making you "go" where you don't want to go to get to YOUR truth.  This is what Amy Ames does."  - Karen C,  Boston 

"With Amy you can't take a U-Turn.  She makes you drive through the storm, the doubt, the fear and concern to help you see your life more clearly so you can get closer to your own purpose... your purpose and no one elses idea of what your purpose is or should be."   Lucy, Cincinnati 

"Watching and feeling your progress is exhilarating.  Hiring a coach may seem selfish.. and it is.. in the best most positive sense of the word.  Life is better when you have clarity.  Amy helped my find my clarity.  It's complicated to get there.  It's work to get there.  But is easy once you are there.  It all seems so obvious once you are there. 

 Amy holds your hand as you face your fears.  It sounds dramatic but it's not.  She makes it easy.  It's like a conversation with an old girlfriend but better as there is complete and safe honesty.  When talking with Amy it's easy to say things you've never said before, to put things out on the table and then the fun can begin to getting to wherever you want to go with your life.  It's really easy and uncomplicated and that's what makes it so cool."  Julie - Providence